This is just a test page for one of my favorite Domains

Na No Na Net!
....I mean, that's one of my favorite expressions, to say: Na No Na Net .... and those who know, are those that will have a lough together with me!
*Big Fat Grin!*

No clue so far what I will be eventually doing with this domain, but in case you are having some fun or interesting ideas: Let me know! By all means! I amalways open for suggestions!
How to contact me? Hmmmm... how about you try to use the term "kontakt" together with the usual other stuff, such as the "@" sign and the domain name?! *vbfg*

BTW: I have a whole bunch of other intersting domains waiting for someone with either a great idea, or the time and the knowledge to actually develop it together with me.
What "great domains"? ......Hmmmm: How do you like: (plus a whole bunch of other sufffixes)
Or: ........ How do you like such domains like: ? (Pretty bad junk on that domain right now, slamed it on to it one day, a few years back and right now that domain is generating approx 1 Million (!) Unique IP Hits PER MONTH! ... what a shame not to use it!
A "matter of the heart" for me is the domain: which simply is put together the Name of the best US-President of all time (to me, he has earned that tite already by now!) Barack H. Obama and the word "Embassy". The Idea was to create a network of people who are actually willing and able to help Barack H. Obama to overcome the burden of garbage he has inherited from George W.
I mean: Lets face it: Everybody now is staring to Washington waitinng for the man to work miracles! Hey! He aint gonna walk on water - if thats what you are waiting for but he has so much courage and power and honesty which you can simply sense with all your senses, that he deserves a "secret army" of "Ambassadors" willing to support his presidency with whatever in everyday life to make this thing work.
He wont be able to turn that wheel all by himself! He wont be able to simply talk to the icebergs endangering our lives and make them go away! But he will be able to make the CHANGE happen! If we, all of us, around the globe, will be there and lend a helping hand! Anyone with any suggestions is welcome!

For someone interested in Real Estate, especially in Europe - I would have a very interesting concept ready worked out together with the corresponding domain names to it:

............and then: I have a bunch of really beautiful "no meaning" but short, easy to remember and as easy to market domains such as: or or .... and a whole bunch of others similar to this!

Well: 'nough said! I am looking forward to be hearing from you, - and Spam? Holly Sh***t! I have some 200 eMail Accounts and if Spam does not end right in the filters its just a few clicks to delete it. So be it!

Peace! To all of you out there! Whatever "race", whatever religion, whatever size or sex....... We all are human beings IF we behave like such!